Coaching Philosophy

Player development is at the core of all we do. It is important for the coach to perceive and appreciate each player’s individual qualities and apply methods in which these talents and skills may be developed further within a training environment. To acquire technical skills and tactical behavior players must train under conditions they may expect in a match.

We are committed to creating players with a high level of technical ability, tactical behavior and personalized flair. Winning is fun, but it does not hold a priority over player development and allowing players to express themselves within a playing environment. Players will be encouraged to push their limits by taking risks. Personal responsibility for individual growth will help further confidence and self belief.

Creating An Inclusive Pathway For Player Development

The player Pathway - the Future of the Club


Ages: U3

Objective: The ball is a toy.

Programming: 6 week programming, 1 time a week, 2 times a year.30 minute classes focused on motor skill development using balls, songs and props to engage the children and parents.


Ages: U4/U5 • U6/U7

Objective:  Love the ball.  The ball is a toy and your best friend.

Programming: 6 week programming, 2 times a week, 3 times a year.  

Little Lumberjacks

Ages: U7/U8 • U9/U10

Objective: Love the ball within the game.

Programming: Group training sessions with 4 trainings for every game day. Training sessions will be run by the coaching staff and HSU players. Game days would take place on Saturdays around the HSU Games. Teams would rotate rosters so that players would  play with different players on each game day.


Ages: U11/U12/U13

ObjectiveIncrease the players love of the game with games that improve technical ball mastery and tactical awareness through cognitive thought.

Programming8-10 Months / 2-3 training days per week. Fall and Spring NorCal Premier League. 2 Tournaments.

High School Competitive

Ages: U14/U15 • U16/U17 • U18/U19

Objective: Foster a lifelong love of the game while using the  game to empower and develop confident, competent and respectful young people through competition.

Programming: 8 Months / 2-3 training days per week. Spring NorCal Premier League. 1-3 Showcases.

365 day cycle

May: Cycle begins with tryouts and training.

June: Competitive groups train, finish previous cycle and attend 1 event.

July: Off.

August - November: Youth Programming, Competitive in NorCal Premier league and 1 Tournament, HS Competitive with their High School teams.

November - May: Youth Programming, Competitive in NorCal Premier league and 1 Tournament, HS  Competitive in NorCal Premier league and Showcases.